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About Dr Donna

Dr Donna Scott received her Veterinary Science degree from the University of Melbourne in 2007. The University then offered Dr Scott a surgical internship which she did for 18 months. Dr Scott then worked as a General Practitioner in Whistler Canada for 18 months before coming back to the University of Melbourne where she was offered a position in the surgical department again.

From the very beginning Dr Scott realised Western Medicine had its limitations. After graduation she dedicated her free time studying Veterinarian Homeopathy, Veterinarian Acupuncture, Food Therapy and Herbal Medicines. She currently is an Internationally Certified Veterinarian Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Homeopath. She is an Internationally Certified canine rehabilitation Specialist & Chiroprator. She mainly focuses on canine sports medicine, rehabilitating neurological and surgical patients.

Dr. Donna Scott & the Veterinarian Acupuncture & Wellness Centre is located in NEWPORT VICTORIA.


30-hour continuing education program in Small Animal TCVM Diagnostics, Classical Points and Advanced Acupuncture Techniques Spring 2020 given by the Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine at Internet Remote Learning in Florida USA

Completed 2007 University of Melbourne Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences

Completed 2009 Homeopathic Professional Teaching Group 4 of 6 modules of HPTG offered in Australia, 4th module completed in Canada

Completed 2010 Chi Institute in Florida USA Certified in Veterinary Acupuncture in Small and Large Animals

Completed 2016 Canine Rehabilitation Institute in Florida/ Denver USA Certified in Canine Rehabilitation

Completed 2019 Options for Animals in Kansas City USA Certified in Small and Large Animal Chiropractic

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Now Located on the Sunshine Coast QLD 
Call 0411 737 940

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