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General Veterinary Services

With new information frequently available, veterinary medicine is in a constant state of growth. Regular preventive care allows us to communicate with you about updated medical treatments. This helps in maintaining and improving your pet’s health.

Laboratory Blood Work

Laboratory Blood Work

Titre testing including other services requiring lab work. Diagnostic testing can identify problems your pet may be experiencing so that proper treatment can begin before a condition worsens.

Health consultations

Health consultations

Wellness Exams, Vaccinations, Parasites, Allergies & General Veterinary.  Wellness exams evaluate your pets overall health, detect problems before they become serious, and keep them on track to live a long, healthy life.

Nutritional advice

Nutritional advice

Proper diet and nutrition can help your pet fight against disease, maintain a proper weight, and promote the overall well-being of your pet.

Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

Old age is not a Disease. Our pets age at different rates but generally we consider them as Seniors around 7 years of age which is the ideal time to start looking at their health requirements a little differently.



Allergies such as skin, bacterial, and food sensitivities make life uncomfortable for your pet. Protect your cat, dog, or other animal from irritating allergies with a proper diagnosis.


Health Consultations

Ensure Your Pet Remains in the Best of Health

Give your best friend the benefits of a happy, healthy life when you stay ahead of illnesses and medical conditions with regular care. 

Wellness Exams

Wellness exams are Important for your pet’s health


We believe that all pets need regular examinations so they can stay happy and healthy. Wellness exams are important for your pet’s overall health because it allows your veterinarian to do a thorough check up and evaluate your pet’s general condition.

An important part of every exam is the time you spend talking with our team. Dr Donna is here for you if you have any questions or concerns about your pet. We want to make sure you always feel supported and that your pet is being cared for by people who are dedicated to their wellbeing.

Dr Donna is here to discuss anything from proper diet to training tips and much more. A wellness exam is our opportunity to discover health problems before they pose a larger risk for your pet. You might mention something during your visit that you didn’t even realize could be a problem, which is why we always take the time to talk with each and every one of our clients.

During the examination, Dr Donna will look over your pet thoroughly from the tip of their nose to their tail and everything between, evaluating your pet’s skin and coat, breathing, heartbeat, temperature and more.

A wellness exam is also a great time to discuss preventative medicine

A wellness exam is also a great time to discuss preventative medicine, which is especially important for pets. We will make sure that your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations and that you have the correct medications. We can discuss any routine preventative medicine that pet owners may need to consider.

Our Goal

Our goal with these regular visits is to catch any problems that might turn into serious health concerns. Early detection is important for many diseases, and can mean the difference between successful treatment or a difficult path forward for your companion. We may recommend blood work to further evaluate your pet’s condition if we discover any concerning symptoms during their exam. Catching an issue early helps save time, tests, and money for pet owners as well.

Labratory Blood Work

When your dog or cat feeling poorly.

When your pet is not up to its usual happy, healthy self, we’ll work to diagnose and then treat the problem. To ensure a proper diagnosis, we first examine your pet by looking at their eyes, ears, and skin; then we check their cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, and skeletal systems for any abnormalities. If necessary we can perform blood and/or urine tests if necessary to check their kidneys, liver, pancreas, and endocrine system. 

Titre Testing – What is it & do I need it?


You may hear of Titre testing more often as a growing number of dog & cat owners become concerned about over-vaccination or bad reactions to vaccine injections.

Titre testing is a means of determining whether your pet has enough antibodies to defend against viruses that they have already received vaccinations for in the past.

Do you have concerns about vaccinating your pet?

  • What if my pet cannot be vaccinated?

  • What if they have had reactions to vaccinations in the past?

  • What if they have an illness that makes vaccinations risky or ineffective?

Antibody titre testing may be a solution in some of these situations.

Titre test results

Those animals which return a negative titre test result would be considered in need of a booster vaccination. Those with a positive titre test result would not. Testing would then be repeated every year. Titre testing is usually more expensive than booster vaccinations.

Please note that canine titre testing does not replace the need for your pet to receive an annual health check. Annual health checks are critically important for detecting, preventing and treating diseases and other ailments as early as possible. The administration of Kennel Cough vaccines and heartworm preventive treatments would be done annually as well.

Pet owners also need to be aware that boarding kennels may not accept unvaccinated dogs regardless of titre levels. This would need to be discussed with individual kennel operators well prior to the boarding date.

Nutritional Advice

Your Pet’s Health Depends on Good Nutrition

One of the most important things you can do to to protect your pet from disease is feed a healthy, species-appropriate diet. The views on what foods and brands to feed your pets are many and varied depending on individual preferences as well as what brands the stores or vet clinics prefer to promote. Feeding a variety of different foods may also minimise the risk of developing intolerances to specific foods.

Animal Nutritional Counseling

We can offer guidance and create the best diet plan for your companion.


When it comes right down to it, what your pet eats every day has a huge impact on their overall health. With varying qualities of pet food out there, the options can get a little overwhelming. Dr Donna can offer great advice on the best types of food, feeding schedules and supplements to keep your pet healthy for years to come. 

How diet & nutrition can help your pet

We will help you make the right dietary changes for your pet so that they can stay on track living their happy and healthy lives. A healthy diet and good nutrition can reduce or even eliminate problems such as pet allergies, itching and scratching, dull coat, arthritis, joint and hip problems and intestinal disorders.

Skin and coat supplements are a great way to keep your pet looking and feeling their best. Arthritis and joint supplements can be helpful for many pets as they age.


When is a diet change needed?

Pets should be fed a balanced wellness diet based on a number of factors, including their life stage, their breed or size, activity level, and any health issues they have. Diet changes are recommended when they enter a new life stage. For example, transitioning is recommended from puppy or kitten to adult, or from adult to senior, which is usually around age seven. Diet changes may also be recommended if your pet develops any issues that could be treated with a customised diet, such as obesity or a food allergy.

Keep your pet healthy for years to come

Some pets need specially made diets for specific health concerns. Whether your pet needs a low-fat diet for pancreatitis, a food properly formulated for their life stage, or simply the best quality food for your budget, we can help.


Do you ever notice your pet’s skin becoming uncharacteristically red or itchy? This could be an allergic reaction. Pets can suffer from allergies to elements in the environment around them, immune dysregulation issues as well as certain ingredients in their foods, just like people can.

Pet allergies can be caused by a multitude of allergens that can be found either inside or outside the home. Outside the home, pets can suffer from seasonal allergies that can be triggered by the changing seasons. Various pollen and spores released into the air can cause pets to suffer severe allergies. Within the home, pets can become allergic to several household allergens. Sometimes a simple laundry detergent or soap is enough to trigger an allergic reaction, while other pets can be allergic to dust or smoke found within the home. Some pets suffer from food allergies that can be found in either the pet’s food or treats. Allergies can be the result of immune dysregulation issues such as thyroid disease or hormonal imbalances, even stress.

Allergies can make life uncomfortable for your pet. Protect them from irritation with proper testing and treatment to relieve any symptoms.

Senior Pets

Old age is not a disease

When your pet reaches his or her “golden years” some pets require special care and Dr Donna can  recommend certain screening tests. The tests can help to provide an early diagnosis for some of the common diseases that affect older pets, so that they can be managed more effectively. 

Senior Pet Care

Our older pets often need a little bit more care to help them through their golden years. At Veterinary Acupuncture & Wellness Centre, our goal is to make sure you get as many happy and healthy years with your beloved companion as possible.

To help achieve this, we encourage pet owners to work with Dr Donna to determine the best schedule for wellness visits, vaccinations and routine lab testing to monitor your pet’s health. With old age comes a range of medical conditions, such as joint problems, diabetes, weight issues and organ disease that could prevent your pet from living comfortably. We want to provide owners of senior animals all the information they need on their pet’s condition to make the best decision for them.

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